Excerpt of The Gathering trio at the Maine International Film Festival in 2019 performing Herbert Baker's "Prance Dance." Herbert was a young pianist and composer in The Pan Afrikan Peoples Arkestra that passed at the ago of 17. Several of his compositions were recorded on the album Flight 17.

The Gatheirng in November 2008 at The Jazz Bakery performing "Justice" by Abdu Salim and featuring Dwight Trible on voice, Thomas Stones on flute, Jesse Sharps, Micheal Session, and Kamasi Washington on saxophones, Phil Ranelin on Trombone, Miguel Atwood-Ferguson on viola, Nick Rosen and Roberto Miranda on bass, Brandon Coleman on piano, Karon Harrison on drums, Fundi Legohn on percussion, and JJ Kabasa on percussion and spoken word.

Excerpt from "Language of Saxophones" by Kamau Daáood, shot at the Leimert Park recording session in 2005 featuring Kamau Daáood doing Spoken Word with Joey Dosik, Kamasi Washington, Michael Session, and Jesse Sharps on Saxophones, Miguel Atwood-Ferguson on viola, Peter Jacobson on cello, Nick Rosen and Roberto Miranda on bass, Taumbu on congas, and Ndugu Chancler on drums.