Thomas Paige speaking into microphone

Thomas Paige - Director / Producer

Thomas Paige is an artist, musician, and producer from Los Angeles, California. He holds a degree in Ethnomusicology from UCLA and has been chronicling The Gathering and The Pan Afrikan Peoples Arkestra over the past 15 years. He has been a producer on multiple recordings, music videos, and projects including several independent short films. The Gathering - Roots & Branches of Los Angeles Jazz is his first documentary feature.

Jesse Sharps playing bass clarinet

Jesse Sharps - Executive Producer

Jesse Sharps is a composer, bandleader, and musician that grew up in Los Angeles, California as an early member and bandleader in Horace Tapscott's Pan Afrikan Peoples Arkestra. He performed and taught music in Germany for many years before returning to Los Angles in 2005 to archive the music of the Pan Afrikan Peoples Arkestra. Following that process Jesse arranged a summit and recording session featuring members of the Pan Afrikan Peoples Arkestra along with several local legends, and rising young stars on the scene. Emerging from that session was a multi-generational music project called The Gathering, resulting in the release of several recordings, including the album "Leimert Park: Roots & Branches of Los Angeles Jazz," as well as performances at festivals and venues throughout the greater Los Angeles region. Under the leadership of Jesse Sharps The Gathering continues to branch out and evolve, embracing new players and musical explorations.


Associate Producers


Thomas Paige

Kevin Michael

Michael Pescaro

Miguel Miranda


Associate Producers


Emily Koonse

Thomas Paige

Associate Producers

Associate Producers

Associate Producers

Lori Precious

A.J. Jackson


Recording Engineers

Associate Producers

Bongo RasStarr

Jeffrey Winston

Recording Engineers

Recording Engineers

Recording Engineers

Blanton (Kyle) Ross

Wayne Peet


Jesse Sharps - Conductor, Soprano Saxophone

Kamau Daáood - Spoken Word 

Roberto Miranda - Conductor (Agony in the Garden), Bass

Michael Session - Alto Saxophone

Azar Lawrence - Tenor Saxophone

Dwight Trible - Voice

Phil Ranelin - Trombone

Taumbu Ector - Congas

Ndugu Chancler - Drums

Fundi Legohn - French horn, Percussion

Kafi Roberts - Flute


Kamasi Washington - Tenor Saxophone

Miguel Atwood-Ferguson - Viola

Peter Jacobson - Cello

Randal Fisher - Tenor Saxophone

Nick Rosen - Bass

Tracy Caldwell - Alto Saxophone

Tracy Wannomae - Bass Clarinet & Clarinet

Joey Dosik - Baritone & Alto saxophone

Nathaniel Brooks - Trombone

Myka Miller - English horn & Oboe

With Appearances By:

Brandon Coleman - Piano

Richard Grant - Trumpet

Nate Morgan - Piano

Jai Jae Kabasa - Spoken Word, Percussion

Maia - Voice, Flute

Mercedes LaRay - Alto Saxophone

Paul Livingstone - Sitar

Karon Harrison - Drums

Thomas Stones - Flute

Amos Delone - Baritone Saxophone

Danny Cortez - Trumpet

Greg Ramsey - Tuba

Theo Saunders - Piano

Steve Smith - Trumpet

Fuasi Abdul-Khaliq - Alto Saxophone